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Who we are

Vicious Ed. is an exciting new collaboration formed in 2016 between two passionate indoor cycling instructors. With 30 plus years of sweaty endorphin charged indoor cycling experience between them, both Tanya Weeks and Naomi Lees see “exercise as medicine” and one of the best ways to get your daily dose is on a bike surrounded by like minded people moving to the rhythm and pushing boundaries which opens you up to discover new strengths of mind, body and spirit.
Vicious Ed. offers existing instructors and new comers an indoor cycling education program which aims to train, certify, support and take group fitness instructors to the next level. The Vicious Ed. program is innovative and geared to meet a new generation of participants who are seeking a multi sensory experience that is safe, fun and effective and honours the mind body and spirit.

We decided to create the course as a way to fulfill an ambition of helping to change people’s perception of exercise from that of a chore to one of positive psychology. There is a huge gap in the fitness market when it comes to “mind body cardio” offerings and on a global level we felt the programs on offer here in Australia were limited and a little outdated . At present cardio training offerings exhibit an attitude of “go hard or go home” and the militant instructor roles are primary. We are not saying this is bad, for some people this is just what they are looking for. Our program, however is tapping into a new line of research that shows people are looking for more from their workout. People want an experience that allows them to escape while building strength, endurance and cardiovascular fitness . A multi-sensory experience which address the mind and has them walking out feeling empowered and better about themselves.


Meet the Creators
Tanya Weeks

Tanya (right in pic) founded Vicious Cycle in 2011 when her search for a stand alone spin studio in Sydney identified a gap in the market.

She has Certificate 3 in Fitness, Schwinn Cycling Certification and Les Mills trained in RPM. The key principles she has based Vicious Cycle on are music, energy and holistic coaching. Her passion and energy for fitness and more importantly of indoor cycling is infectious. Her belief is that you can use music and movement to create motivation. Her classes allow riders to show up, work out and loose themselves at the same time. The ultimate mind body cardio experience.

Naomi Lees

Naomi (left in pic) hails from Orange in the central west where she was crowned Queen of Sport and found a love of cycling and all things group fitness. Working part time in gyms from the age of 18 Naomi has juggled a career in finance instructing classes either side of the equities market both here and in the UK. Naomi holds Certificate 3 in Fitness, Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, is certified in  Excel Cycling and 6 Les Mills disciplines, including Advanced Instructor RPM. Naomi is currently studying Functional Medicine Coaching. Naomi’s classes are designed for you to tap into your potential and experience your best self. When you combine this with the latest pumping beats it takes the “work” out of working out. What you replace it with is so powerful and personal. Bring it on! 

Available Courses

Why do it

You are on your way to becoming a highly sought after modern Rhythm Rider Leader, whether you are new or already a professional. Regardless of your background, you are joining a group of people dedicated to the positive change of mind, body and soul.

If you want to wow your class and create an experience, which will ignite all of their senses, then this is for you! Participants will not only walk away with a kick ass work out, they will experience feeling of euphoria and a thirst for more.

This course aims to take the traditional cycle class into the future. Our passion, experience and love of indoor cycling has been poured into this training program and we are so excited to share it with you. We also look forward to supporting you every step of the way, learning of your participant’s successes and feedback. It is our aim to see you flourish as a first class leader and help make this planet a fitter place! Think big and be prepared to step out of your comfort zone.

What you will learn

Empower you to inspire others through energy, first class coaching and ability to engage the mind body connection

As life becomes busier and the demands placed on us greater, more and more exercise is becoming a tool for escape. For many, a cycle class (or any fitness session) can also represent a form of escape from everyday life. It is likely the only 45minutes in ones day where there is no phone, email, kids etc. This course is designed to help you create life-changing experiences.

To be a leader dedicated to the people in our classes and share the ethic:
* Making positive change one step at a time
* Exercise is not just for the body
* The mind, body and soul connection is key to ones quality of life
* Each and every class should ignite the senses
* Intensity and adrenaline is the best high! x by 20 people in a room = love
* Changing perceptions of tedious and boring cycling into a social uplifting experience, which gives huge gains in one’s fitness, body image and self esteem.


Whether you have the intention of teaching or just broadening your knowledge of cycle,
We accept people genuinely interested in group fitness and positive change to mind, body and soul.


7 CECs through Fitness Australia
Level 1 Rhythm Rider Leader


Level 1 – Rhythm Rider Leader

Chapter 1 Bike Design, Safety and set up

Chapter 2 Philosophy

Chapter 3 Positions and exercises

Chapter 4 Heart rate

Chapter 5 Power

Chapter 6 Beat

Chapter 7 Music Mapping

Chapter 8 Putting the class together

Chapter 9 Delivering a killer workout

This course is combination of both online theory and a one day practical face to face workshop. Once enrolled you will have 3 months access to the course to complete the online component. Within the 3 month term you will have the option to enrol in one of two workshops on offer over the 3 months. One at 6 weeks for those who complete the course quickly and one at 12 months for those needing a little more time. We will offer workshops in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. Dates will be announced for each state once enrolment closes for each intake.

Enrolment is open

Common Questions
Do I need to be an instructor or have participated in a certain number of classes?

We welcome all fitness enthusiasts, new and experienced. We welcome anyone curious about group indoor cycling classes. We welcome those new to indoor cycling

What will I learn from this course?

In a nutshell * Become a first class next generation indoor cycle instructor * Structure you class safely and effectively to music and learn how BPM are used for controlling intensity (secret to working hard with out knowing it) * Confidently teach free from monitors, gadgets and accountability devices * Join the movement that redefines working out * Ignite people’s mind, body and soul connection * Instruct like a coach/inspired leader

Are special needs accommodated?

Absolutely. Please contact us to discuss any special needs/requirements. We do our best to make the course is accessible to all.

How much does the course cost?

Level 1 Rhythm rider course costs $449

How do I pay for Level 1 Rhythm rider course?

Payment is made thru secure online payment by credit card/pay pal.

How do I log in online/ get started?

Login through our website Upon payment you will receive an email giving further instructions and personal login details. You can contact us any time for assistance via email and we will respond within 24hours.

How am I assessed?

Part 1 – online 30 questions multiple choice

Part 2 – Direct observation is conducted during the one day training workshop An assessment information handout is given to candidates at the start of the one day workshop. This will detail the competencies to be assessed. All these competencies will be taught and practiced throughout the duration of the workshop.

What happens if I do not pass?

If found NYC (Not yet competent) on their first assessment attempt,
candidates are offered the opportunity to repeat the one day workshop and re-assessment at no additional cost. We want you to be the best instructor possible, if that means having to do it twice then be assured it is a good thing! Any further required attempts will attract a fee.

Further options can be negotiation based on individual circumstance and could include: gap training, multi repeat training, and individual training – mentoring

Further information is also available in the grievance and appeals policy

Who recognises this certification?

All fitness and leisure facilities offering indoor cycling group fitness class can be made aware that the certification is backed by Fitness Australia,
Fitness Australia is the peak health and fitness industry association providing a range of support services and solutions to over 30,000 Registered Personal Trainers, Registered Fitness Instructors, fitness businesses and suppliers Australia-wide.

Do I need to be super fit?

A moderate fitness level is required to attend and meet the requirements of assessment. It is advised that you are comfortable with completing a 45min indoor cycling class.

Where are you located?
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How is Vicious Ed Level 1 Rhythm Rider Course different to other indoor cycling instructor courses?

A course that teaches and certifies you to be “that instructor”! The one who makes a difference in people’s lives. The instructor that takes people out of their day to day grind and into a place where exercise is not a chore, its a joy! A place where people can experience their best self and feel their mind, body and soul align.
This course encourages instructing free from monitors, gadgets and accountability devices. Free from reference of road riding and fighting for the “yellow jersey”. We use music, movement, connection, escapism and BPM to bring out the best in riders.

What happens if I change my mind?

Once enrolment closes we would need you to provide a medical reason or other circumstances we would need to take into consideration as to why you cant begin the course. Prior to enrolment closing you will be able to change you mind and we will refund you the cost of the course less any fees and charges incurred by us to process the application.

How is the course structured?

Part 1 – Online course component (3 months to complete). Once you have completed the online learning and successfully completed the multiple choice assessment you are then able to book in for part 2.

Part 2 – One day training workshop offered approximately every 90 days.

How long does it take to complete the online component?

You have 3 months to complete the online course. We estimate it to take approximately 5-7 hours of reading, watching video content and completing the multi-choice assessment. You will then need to prepare your tracks and choreography for the workshop. We suggest up to 3 hours minimum spent on this before attending.

When, where and how long is the face to face workshop?

Workshops are currently offered in Sydney and Melbourne. Other Capital Cities are run on a demand basis. Please contact us if you do not see your capital city as available. Regional workshops are also possible on a demand and if the minimum numbers are reached. We would love to hear from you and discuss workshop possibilities/locations.

When can I start instructing?

If you are an existing instructor prior to completing the course you will be ready to start teaching after you have completed the one day workshop with a successful pass as competent on the day, provided you meet all the needs of your place of employment. For example the organisation’s group fitness policies, procedures and insurance requirements.

Those with no prior teaching experience we recommend mentoring with a Master Trainer for a minimum of 8 week before teaching on your more. More information on the mentoring program can be found through Vicious Cycle

How can I get more information about Vicious Ed.?

Please email and we look forward to getting back to you as soon as possible.

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